A meeting room’s anatomy

Simplicity of use is more important than before

Should we all return to the office? A couple of days a week or preferably each day? Organizations have to make difficult choices today to be ready for the future. It is very difficult for people to change until they suddenly have to.

The choice of whether or not to return to the office, or to work there part-time, has a significant impact on any organization. What should you do with the present office? Do you still need so much space when employees work from home most of the time? And what about the meeting rooms in the office? As you can see, there are still a lot of questions to be answered today. In this whitepaper you get insights from our Product Manager, Logitech's Head of enterprise and Samsung's Head of display division.

meetingroom anatomy


Revolution of the meeting room ♦ Meetings before COVID and today ♦ Will large meeting rooms disappear? ♦ Simplicity of use is more important than before ♦ Make meetings more dynamic ♦ Looking to the future