Flexibility becomes the new norm | Whitepaper based on a survey of 92 Belux customers (nl-fr-eng version available)

Free e-book full of tips & tricks for the creation of a hybrid working environment

The employees’ desire to meet in the same room to exchange ideas is of all times. Until COVID-19 struck in 2020 and employees were working en masse from home. Meeting rooms remained empty and video conferencing was accepted massively. A big change? No, not at all. It represents an extraordinary acceleration of an alteration which was already ongoing. Namely the shift towards a more hybrid way of working.




Back-to-office strategy ♦ Four steps to safely return to the office ♦ The office as a meeting place ♦ Which room do you choose for which activity? ♦ The meeting room in a hybrid office ♦ A complete solution for a fast implementation ♦ Workplace management and reservation in your hybrid office